Monday, June 25, 2018

Say NO to Single Use Plastic: Summer Travel Update

 Hi ya Gorgeous!

Hello Monday and hello last week in June. Whoa. Weren't we just talking about  how fast the time is going? Ok, for me personally, it feels like I'm on a rocket to August when my son goes back to school and it's just to fast!

We started the day with an amazing hike in Prescott Arizona at Constellation Trail. Whoa is this place perfect for families! The trail head has a big parking lot. There is a porta potty at the first split of trails. Some kind hikers have left walking sticks next to the main map for anyone who may need assistance. The trail is very well marked - just look for the white dots to follow! Now, the real joy is the boulders! They are perfect for climbing for all ages and levels of physical activity. So good!

After that we had a great meal at The Barley Hound - so pics are on Instagram!  Then we ended the day in the hotel pool. I'm enjoying the cool water in my Sunset Separates tankini that is a mix and match set so I can get the size I need on top and on bottom. 

Now, when we got into the room and ready for showers we saw the single use toiletries. I know that there is a time of need when you have to use them, but, with a moment of planning, you can be more efficient in your recycling, teach the next generation about how to care for the oceans and our Earth and get more value from the products you own at home.

Enjoy this video!

First stop has us at a hotel and we need to have a lil' chit chat about single use plastics. Thank you for watching - please subscribe if you have not!


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