Sunday, December 1, 2013

Duri for Catching Fire screening in DBOX seats

Hello Gorgeous!
Have you seen Hunger Games: Catching Fire yet? It is so good and so close to the book, let's just say I was pleasantly surprised!

 I saw the movie this weekend in a theatre that actually had DBOX seats, so the mystery of them actually existing is over!

I have a very Katniss manicure on in Duri polish yet there are some other choices here from Duri that I am using to create my holiday manicures and pedicures with!

If you are not familiar with DBOX, it's like having a video game chair in a movie theatre. So the chair tilts and vibrates with the action of the movie. Oh if only I could see Top Gun in this seat. It was definitely worth the extra money. 

The movie was amazing, and now I can only hope that the producers/director of Hunger Games have worked like Peter Jackson from the LOTR trilogy-you know, where he shot all three at the same time so for three years in a row a new chapter in the Lord of the Rings story came out?

I don't think they made Hunger Games like that, but one can hope!

I know you love Duri polishes as much as I do-they are 3 free: no tolulene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phtalate.
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The boho-chic trend is making its way to you

Heads Up: The Turban Trend is Back

This is a Fashion article

It's official: The turban is back. For those of you who never knew it was in, just Google "music festival" -- you should be able to spot some circa 2010. If you're already shaking your head at this bold take on headwear, hear us out. Turban-inspired headwear is basically just an oversized headband, which looks good on everyone and is a bad-hair-day lifesaver.

How to wear a turban