Monday, December 2, 2013

Goody Good for Holiday Hair & Stocking Stuffers too!

Oh the joy of December and all the merry making!
Hello Gorgeous! It's been a whirlwind around here with the start of the Hanukkah celebrations on Thanksgiving, a wedding, travel and gigs and now Christmas!

My tree is up-my lights have been for weeks, how about you?

Now, onto the stockings...I love giving gifts, though tailoring a Christmas stocking with just the right wee thing that was overlooked yet wanted. Or needed. Well, it's a heart joy for me. My son has limited eidtion collectible LEGO going into his, and I've got wee wonders for the other stockings too! I'm so excited to see my family discover these lil' gifts!

Now, something for your personal stocking or for the one in the family who loves styling their hair-consider Goody and all the affordable hair accessories and stylers they have available.

 Cat help! What's a project without cat help? This is Abednego, she's a sweet girl with fluffy fur who likes to drink from the running faucet. She is also sitting amongst the Goody athletic hair band, fun hair bands with bows that are current hair trendy plus the head bands for working out or washing your face.

The Spin Pin-I love it! I have a fancy one with a metal flower at the end that makes a perfect accent to dress up a simple bun. The two Spin Pins that come in one package with a full fold out list of instructions is perfect for making a double bun Princess Leia like look using Spin Pins to secure the hair, or if you have very long thick hair and need an extra pin to secure the hair.

I also have a box of mini clips that can be used to make intricate hair designs or just hold back wee flyaway hairs.

Goody is affordable and available at mass retailers everywhere. Goody is perfect for a stocking stuffer for the beauty lover in your life! Enjoy! Now I have a wee video for you!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!