Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last minute Christmas fragrance to buy at the 24 hour Walgreens: for those of you last minute gifters

 Hello Gorgeous,
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I have. For those of you who need a last minute gift for the lady in your life, I would go to Walgreens. It's easier to get in and out of a Walgreens than it is a Walmart.

You can never go wrong with a fragrance-and Walgreen's has a pretty big selection.

 Oh there are fragrances from the funky imitation kind to classics like Elizabeth Arden Passion and White Diamonds. As well as the Coty house of fragrances from Faith Hill-which are fun fresh scents!

Below there are some details for you on the scent. I encourage you to get out and get your shopping done, but if you need something at the last minute on your way to Christmas morning, I'm sad to report that many Walgreens are 24 hours and you can zip in and get a gift, a gift bag and even a snack or bottle of wine to take to your party. Enjoy. Thank me later.

Introduced in 1987, this product is classified as a refined Oriental woody fragrance. It has a blend of intense florals including jasmine and vanilla. It is recommended for evening wear.
Made in USA

Inspired by luminous radiance of every woman, the fragrance embodies modern, yet classic femininity. Opens with a sparkling floral bouquet and exudes delicate and sensuous elegance at the heart and finishes with seductive bottom notes for a calming, smoky, unforgettably feminine finish.
  • Top - Lush pink peony, crisp pear, neroli
  • Mid - Southern magnolia, gardenia, jasmine
  • Bottom - Cashmere skin musk, vetiver, iris
Made in USA

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