Thursday, February 11, 2021

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms - Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy February 2021 - wow - how is it already the second month of the year? Time and days have been flying by for me and I'm so thankful to receive this gift of the new Find Your Happy Place collection of body products from Unilever.

It's just what a busy working and distance learning mom needs! 

I recently took time to spend time in nature on a hike, which is my happy place! 

I carried the pocket sized hand creme with me and thank goodness I did! The Goldstrike trail in Nevada has 8 belaying ropes that you have to use to drop down in to the canyon. I did not have gloves with me, though I had the rose scent infused Find Your Happy Place hand creme to sooth my sore hands! 

The trail is well worth the effort it takes to get down to the Colorado river and see the other side of the Interstate 11 bridge that connects Arizona with Nevada.

Now look closely on this picture? Can you see the possible prehistoric embedding of a chicken? Or a large long wing bone? I think I may have discovered a new dinosaur fossil! If you are needing some self care for yourself, or as a gift for Valentine's Day - pick some Find Your Happy Place up at your local Walmart.

The collection includes a total of 7 pieces: bath & shower gel, scented candle, hand wash, body lotion, fizzing bath bomb, whipped scrub and hand cream. I'm loving this blush rose and magnolia scent! The hand creme helped me on the trail and the body wash and bath bombed were a sure comfort after the intense hike. So worth it!

Wrapped In Your Arms 

·       Includes a bath & shower gel, hand wash, body lotion, fizzing bath bomb, hand cream, scented candle, and whipped scrub 

·       Bath products are sulfate and paraben-free 

·       All products are enriched with a 3x blend of skin softening shea, cocoa butter, and vitamin E  




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