Monday, July 5, 2021

Christmas in July - Why You May Want to Shop Now

 Hi ya Gorgeous,

Today's video is to show you some possible gifts available at Dollar Tree now - and - stress the point of, "a dollar doesn't quite buy a dollar anymore".
Normally, I shop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday for my Christmas gifts. This year, I'm doing my shopping now for tangible goodies to give on Christmas. No matter where you choose to shop, such as Dollar Tree to get stocking stuffers, or Neiman Marcus, you may want to get started now to maximize the effectiveness of your budget. I think this is one of the years that will reflect stagflation from the 1970's. Just my opinion. So I share with you today to help position you for adjusting the holiday budget and your shopping expectations.

Are you a shop early person?
Wait til Christmas eve person?
No matter what kind of shopper you are, I encourage you to get started now.

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