Monday, July 12, 2021

Fast Fashion - The "make up" Of

Hi ya Gorgeous, 
Welcome to the first video in the transition to the "make up" of things, sort of like the "IoT" - internet of things that I would like to see the channel steer towards. Today we are talking about fast fashion and the high cost of cheap clothes.

 There is an environmental impact of  fast fashion due to the high volume of water needed to produce the cheap fabrics that also require a lot of toxic chemicals to color and process the textiles. Viscose is a particular culprit which is now primarily used in rayon blend clothing and bed sheets.

The circle looks like: social media influencers need a lot of inexpensive 'looks' for their everyday posting of images. Many popular stores like Target, H&M, Forever 21, Walmart, Amazon Wardrobe, Top Shop and Primark make low cost barrier fast fashion easily available. 

Many of these pieces of clothing wear out, fade and due to low cost are thrown away.  They sometimes get donated to charity stores though the quality is so bad throwing them out is usually the answer for the charity.

The 'make up' of fast fashion, in my opinion, is choice. We choose with purchase power and the sooner choices are made to buy less and recycle more, the better.

Perhaps the fast fashion clothing can be made in to simple quilts and blankets that can then be donated to charity? There are answers out there, we just need to look and act!

Personally, I think it feels good to buy a new shirt, skirt, shoes, handbag, makeup, dress, shoes - you name it - but, at what true cost does it come? I look forward to reading your experiences! 

Still creating and posting positive encouraging lifestyle videos - and - yes, still have reviews for makeup, skincare, hair care coming as well. Just beginning to serve the audience with more thoughtful and impactful content. Thank you for being here! 
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