Monday, July 19, 2021

OGX Shampoo & Conditioner Litigation - What You Need to Know - The "make up" of a lawsuit

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Welcome to the Monday blog for MakeupUniversity. There is some hullabaloo and fluff afoot for the very popular drugstore brand, OGX.  I have been a fan for some time. They are in court about some of their ingredients.

Video below with information and links as well to help you decide if these products are for you.

There is some talk amongst the beauty bloggers about the OGX brand having multiple shampoo and conditioners that have DMDM Hydantoin as an ingredient which is known when activated in water, can cause cancer.

This ingredient is used as a preserver in cosmetic products. More details here:

I saw on IG, that Kandee Johnson was talking about this and she did not know about the ingredient and its effects on the body when doing her collabs with the brand. I have bought so many of those products! I love the smell and supporting her. I can honestly say, I did not read the very fine print on the back of the bottle where the ingredient is clearly labeled, in fine print.

This link takes you to the docket for the court case:
This link takes you an informative picture post on Facebook that I shared from Amy Marino

Long story short? Yes, horrified. No, not continuing to use the products and sharing the story here to help others who may not be aware.

There are a few drugstore brands, that are natural and respect the budget. One of my faves is Shea Moisture. I have already switched back to the Shea Moisture

This Amazon affiliate link takes you to the good stuff from Shea Moisture

This link takes you to the Shea Moisture ingredient list - no DMDM Hydantoin here!




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