Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mustela free giveaway-diaper cake anyone?

Find out which shampoos our readers say you should leave on the shelf

8 Worst Reader-Rated Drugstore Shampoos
This is a hair care products article
A terrible shampoo can leave your hair oily, frizzy, and sticky. Sadly, quality is not something you can spot just by reading the label. But that's where our readers come in. Spare your hair by avoiding these 8 shampoos they rated as the absolute worst. average reader rating: 6.4

"This made my hair look frizzy and not moisturized. In fact, it felt like straw." average reader rating: 6.4

"I used this product once and it left my hair feeling very sticky. I had to wash my hair TWICE the same day with other shampoos to remove the sticky feeling." average reader rating: 6.1

"This shampoo left my hair dry, tangled, and matted. I have never disliked a shampoo so much after using it."
To kick off the summer, Mustela is offering not 1, but 4 different Pinterest Giveaways’ throughout the month of June! Below, please find a link on how to enter this week’s contest through the MustelaUSA website. By simply following these rules, fans will have the opportunity to win a variety of fabulous prizes.

Check back each week for the latest Giveaway and entry rules!

June 5th – Win a Mustela Diaper Cake!: 1 Grand Prize Winner will win a diaper cake with Mustela PhysiObebe, Facial Cleansing Cloths, Foam Shampoo For Newborns, Vitamin Barrier Cream, HydraBebe Facial Cream, and Hydra Stick with Cold Cream Nutri-protective ·

June 12th – Pin Tweet & Win!: 5 Grand Prize Winners will win 1 Mustela product of their choice ·

June 19th – Create your Dream Mustela Tote & Win It!: 2 Grand Prize Winners will win 4 Mustela products of their choice + a Mustela tote ·

June 26th – Pin, Share, and Win!: 5 Grand will win 1 Mustela product of their choice

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