Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Neova Smart Sunscreen: Silc Sheer 2.0 photo finish tint

The Hollywood Hair Makeover

Marguerite, a new California resident, looks to us to help update her look so it's red-carpet worthy

The Hollywood Hair Makeover

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Originally from Seattle, Marguerite wants a new look to go with her life-changing move to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. To get her ready for the auditions, our makeover dream team gave her a new cut, color and makeup look. See how to copy her A-List hairstyle and makeup now. CTA: See transformation

See transformation

Hello Gorgeous, I am busy traveling for work and today as with many days I will be outside in the searing 113 degree heat of Arizona. The sunscreen I will be wearing, and what I have been wearing for a week now is a sample from Neova in the DNA Damage Control smart sunscreen line. It's called Silc Sheer 2.0-now from my experience, I really like it. It's smooth, does take a bit of blending, gives a hint of tint and color to my face while also providing spf 40 broad spectrum and water resistant sunscreen protection. So for me-so far so good! It's retailing online from $24 to $45 in price point depending on where you shop. Now what I did notice is the reviews: seems many loyal users do not like the new formula (hence the 2.0) or the pump or the tint saying that it's chalky compared to the previous version. Well, I didn't try the previous version and so far, my experience with Neova silc sheer 2.0 is good! Today will test it's mettle as I am in the sun, in the water-all day long! Notes to follow soon! Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!