Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hair Expert Advises How to Pair Fall Color Trends To Skin Tone

Hello Purty,
While I'm out of town, here is a bit of a guest post with great hair tips for Fall from Mia! Enjoy!

Mia says…

This fall, identify which color of the season will compliment your skin tone. 

1. Fair/Rosy: Add more warmth to your color and go for a copper-red like fair-skinned, Emma Stone. Deeper, rich color tones are in this Fall, and your complexion will pair perfectly with this hue. Stay red and on trend!  

2. Pale/Neutral: If you have a beautiful pale or neutral skin tone like the elegant Gwyneth Paltrow, your on- trend color is a cool, frosty blonde. This fall style is seen sported down the runway this season.

3. Olive/Warm: If you have a warm, olive skin tone with lots of highlights, You might want to keep the warm tones, but enrich the color with mahogany brown and create more depth by pulling through a few lighter, coppery pieces.  Fresh-faced Jessica Biel’s olive skin tone goes perfectly with this color trend.

4. Tan/Rich: If you have a beautiful tan or rich skin tone like the glamorous Jennifer Lopez, you can pull off fall’s hot jewel tones, such as rich copper, browns and mahogany.

5. Rich/Deep:  If your skin has a deep, rich tone, surprise everyone this season and pull off a more daring style trend. Follow BeyoncĂ©’s bold lead and sport a shorter, frosty blond tint, which will illuminate against your complexion. 

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