Saturday, October 12, 2013

Heat Holders "The Warmest Thermal Socks" just right for Legoland Brick or Treat party!

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh my goodness! Please be praying for the people of North and South Dakota who are enduring a early blizzard. My family who live there are stunned by how much snow fell, and how fast. It is too soon for this type of storm and many were not prepared. It's so sad.

The Mancub and I have traveled to Legoland for a Fall break and luckily a sample of the Heat Holders arrived just as we were leaving.

This is something that I would test while snowboarding or out on a winter hike, but no need to wait with this weather!

It's very chilly here, overcast, drizzly rain and 62 degrees. The Brick or Treat party weather is supposed to be 55 degrees!  Not sure how long we will last in that cold! Good thing I am not wearing the Ahsoka Tano costume! Mancub has a double layer of Steve the Newb clothes and a hat under his box Minecraft head with gloves.

So on to my sample review. Heat Holders "The Warmest Thermal Socks" - holds more war air close to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer.

Honestly, for me they are working. They are not as snug as my wool snowboard socks but also a bit softer, loamy feeling and comfortable. I've been walking in them most of the day and feeling pretty good. Which translates into "thank goodness my toes are sweating".

The Heat Holder socks come with a TOG rating. What's a TOG rating you say? It's the Thermal Overall Grade, which is a recognized measure of a textile's thermal ability. Simply put, the higher the TOG rating, the better a product is able to keep you warm.

The  socks are made with 91% acrylic, 5% nylon, 3% polyester and 1% elastane. Ladies are retailing online for $15.99 and men's for $19.99  Get them here:

These are over 7 times warmer than a basic cotton sock, and made with an advanced insulating yarn, long looped thermal pile and a soft brushed inner party for comfy toes.

If this early blizzard is a sign of the winter ahead, might I suggest you get a pair today?

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