Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snowberry Beauty: New Radiance face serum for Fall weather skin

Hello Gorgeous!
Ooh, how I love meeting a new skincare line such as Snowberry Beauty!


Oh what fun I have had testing this light weight but deep moisture face serum. It smells fresh and clean, feels light and absorbs rapidly then the result is a firmer plumper skin. Or so it is in my case.

Snowberry anti-aging skin care serums are concentrated formulations to target specific causes of skin aging such as free radical activity, glycation (the stiffening of collagen and elastin by sugar molecules), inflammation and reduced natural production of skin-firming collagen, elastin and glycans. Thirteen different peptides, skin-compatible Vitamin C, retinyl palmitate and a variety of super fruit extracts and anti-oxidants are used in Snowberry’s three potent serums.

 Copper Peptides are essential for stimulating the immune system when the skin is damaged, and then for initiating effective skin healing, including the replacement of scar tissue with normal skin. Through this continuous restoration of the skin’s barrier function, copper peptides help to maintain the clarity and strength typical of youthful skin. The New Radiance Face Serum is an exciting new Snowberry skin care product that combines copper tripeptide 1 with sodium hyaluronate and glycerine to both moisturise and hydrate, while helping to combat free .radicals and stimulate collagen production.

The retail on these products on the website is in New Zealand dollars at $55 and United States retails for $46.22.  
If this serum is an example of what the rest of the line is like, count me in for an eye creme and face moisturizer!

The Snowberry line of skincare is free of: petrochemicals, propylene or butylene glycols, no volatile alcohols, no artifical colours, no silicones, no DEA or MEA ingredients. It is tested by dermatologists and not on animals!
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