Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve with LUSH Christmas Kisses and Jango Fett

Hello Gorgeous,
It's Christmas Eve! Or it will be in a few hours. I'm so excited for Christmas this year! Today I am celebrating and getting ready for Christmas Eve mass tonight with LUSH and LEGO.

 If you still need a last minute Christmas stocking stuffer, get some LUSH and LEGO!

My family are big time LEGO heads. We got the last Star Wars Advent Calendar in the park when we were at Legoland California for Thanksgiving break. It has been such a joy to have my son open the wee window each day as we count down to Christmas. See the LEGO minifigures in the photo?

 That's Jango Fett in Christmas costume with a sack of toys along with is son Boba. Oh so good to open the box today and find Jango ready for Christmas too!

Jango and Boba are opening up the gift I received from LUSH Cosmetics. They make the best hand made cosmetics and body products and they employ green environmental practices through every step of the creation process in their products.

Inside the LUSH Christmas Kisses gift box is:
Chou Chou...I Love You Toothy Tabs:

For sweetly scented breath

The only thing that could make your most romantic kiss even more memorable? The sweet taste of fresh lemons and fragrant roses being left on your lips (swoon!) Our newest flavor of Toothy Tabs leaves your breath smelling just like our incredibly popular Rose Jam bubbleroon, and thanks to a blend of cleansing kaolin, baking soda and cream of tartar, your smile sparkling clean! So before you pucker up to say ‘I love you’, remember to Chou Chou this sweet little tab.


Santa Baby lip tint

Sweet Christmas kisses

A deep, classic red, this tint provides a colorful moisture boost for the lips. A rich base of Fair Trade Shea butter and cocoa butters will soften the lips and keep them hydrated through the chilly winter months, while vitamin-rich carrot oil nourishes and softens. If a super hydrating base and gorgeous color weren’t enough, we’ve also added a sweet cola flavor made up of festive date and cherry extracts! Apply sparingly for a subtle rouge tint, or more generously for a bright crimson pout. Smooth onto lips and make sure your under-the-mistletoe kisses are as sweet as can be!

 Santa's Lip Scrub

Kissable Christmas Lips

Smooth and soften chapped lips with our scrumptious new cola-flavored Lip Scrub. Sugar exfoliates away all the rough, dry bits while coconut oil moisturizes for soft, supple kissers. You'll be smitten with the yummy cola flavor and the smattering of tiny, edible red hearts. Simply rub onto lips and lick off, then apply your favorite gloss, lipstick or our new cola-flavored Santa Baby lip tint. Soft, healthy and tasty lips for the winter season - perfect!

Christmas Kisses: For glamorous kissers

What do you need for fabulous Christmas Kisses? The sweet taste of lemon and fresh rose after brushing up with Chou Chou... I Love You Toothy Tabs. Soft, supple lips after exfoliating with our brand new and incredibly fizzy cola flavored Santa's Lip Scrub. The alluring shade of festive red lips, thanks to our cola flavored Santa Baby lip tint. Lucky for you, we've packed up all three into one adorable, reusable box; keep you lip care essentials in it all year round!

http://www.lushusa.com/Christmas-Kisses/03949,en_US,pd.html $22.95

Enjoy your Christmas Eve! God bless you and your family mightily this year!
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