Sunday, December 15, 2013

ClaySpray white clay mask: what!

Happy Sunday!
I just got a chance to try ClaySpray. It's a clay mask in a pump dispenser and it pairs with a spring water atomizer. Oh yeah! I love to try new products and this one does not disappoint!

retail whiteclay_125ml.clayspray

I applied a spray of the spring water atomizer to my clean face and then the ClaySpray White Clay mask. It doesn't really have a scent. The clay mask has a super smooth and rich texture which dispenses with a pump or two from the bottle. I used my fingers to apply though I bet this would work awesome with a fan brush to apply.

I wore it for about 20 minutes in which the mask dried down and was firm on my skin but not unbelievably tight like some other masks I have tried. It rinsed very clean and afterwards my skin looked and felt firm and had a vibrancy about it. 

Good thing too because after I got my makeup on I had to leave for a kid's birthday party. 

Pore Refining White Clay Masque

Exfoliates, removes impurities and environmental toxins. Refines pores, for a smooth look.

The Pore Refining Masque purifies skin and refines pores, and perfects for a soft and smooth complexion.

This luxurious clay not only removes impurities and environmental toxins but nourishes skin adding minerals to help prevent ageing.

These minerals include silica to boost collagen, calcium to promote healthy cell regeneration, and potassium to help lock in moisture and accelerate cell turnover without affecting the skins moisture levels for an overall anti-aging effect.

Normal/Combination Skin

Clay, (argilla), water (aqua), cardamom (elletaria cardamomum) seed oil, citric acid, sodium hexametaphoshate, sodium polyacrylat

1.   Spray or moisten skin with natural mineral water.
2.   Dispense product into your hand and massage into the area to be treated. Avoid contact with eyes.
3.   Leave on until dry.
4.   Wash skin with water until clay is removed

About ClaySpray:

The fascination of the Clayspray founders with clay stems from Marian´s inclination for it. Archaeologist by training, she´s always been well acquainted with this material so appreciated in every world culture.

Clay is intimately bond to the excavation deposits, where the archaeologist patiently scrapes away layer by layer from the most recent traces human settlements through the oldest until a virgin stratum is reached that no human has ever had contact with.
A clay deposit that has not undergone any alterations since its geological formation millions of years ago. This is where the job of the archaeologist finishes and the dream of Pharmaclay starts.

Emulsifying pure clay and presenting it in a spray to preserve its purity in a user-friendly format. A dream that has been fed with hard work shared with Juan Luis, who is responsible for the patent.
The first step was tracing that unique clay where many hours or research and excavation where needed until the “Irene mine” was located. It was observed that its clay had exceptional cosmetic and therapeutic properties. 

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