Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's Day: brunch and resolutions

Hello Gorgeous,
I'm in the process of making my way to Legoland California for New Year's Eve party and "brick" drop!

It will be chilly, but not cold. I've got a fabulous outfit to play in - one super cute outfit for my Mancub too!

I've already been thinking about the super simple smokey eye and neutral lip I will be wearing using the Eve Pearl Bombshell palette.

In fact, I will most likely be wearing the same palette the next day while noshing my way through the massive brunch at Tom Ham's Lighthouse in San Diego. I'm so excited to eat I can hardly wait!

Now the New Year's Eve makeup will be a mix of my favorite Laura Mercier colors to liven up the Legoland experience.
Last year, I made the resolution that  I would wear manicures and paint my nails even though I can feel the lacquer laying on my nail beds. I also made the resolution to accessorize. I made it through most of the year wearing jewelry until this Thanksgiving trip I seemed to have lost or misplaced my sack o'jewels. Let's just say, I'm none to pleased and need to start collecting again.

Okay, stay tuned for the next update in the New Year's Eve adventure!

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