Saturday, December 7, 2013

Grammys Nominations Concert: wearing a Pure Ice manicure

Happy Saturday Beautiful!

 Did you watch the Grammys Nomination Concert last night? I did. It was pretty good. I liked seeing Taylor Swift perform her set in Australia and then Katy Perry also. Those are concerts that I would like to see though most likely won't. So it was a nice sneak peak.

Here is the pretty Miss Perry doing her song Roar from Toronto Canada but was simulcast to the Grammys Nomination concert.

I like the cleaned up classy look on her more than the wild stuff. It just shows off her talent more.

Now-I've got a fun Pure Ice manicure on for a birthday dinner and events tomorrow. Check this out:
Pure Ice has this fun stocking stuffer full of party polishes and gems and texture pots that can add the Christmas cheer to your manicures and pedicures!

The colors in the photo are from left to right: Saddle Me Up, Internationally Known, Heartbreaker, Champagne and the pots are 3235 and 3233.

Pure Ice polishes are super affordable and you can get yours at Walmart!
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