Thursday, December 12, 2013

EverDeep skincare review: for your winter skin care needs

Hey Gorgeous!
I received a sample of skincare from EverDeep and I've been playing with it for the past 3 days. Which, in my opinion is enough time to see if a product is going to work or not. True, it usually takes a full 21-2 days to see any real skin transformation, but in my opinion, 3 days of use will let you know whether to keep barking up that beauty tree or not. Enter EverDeep...

 I've been using my sample, and I love the scent and texture plus when I use the face wash my skin feels clean but not tight. The eye cream and moisturizers are rapid absorbers into the skin and my makeup wears great over it. So far, so good! Now here is some more information on the product plus a link to get you to the home page in case you would like to purchase. EverDeep has a really good sale special going on right now!

The Beauty Secret from the Depth of The Ocean

Algae, the lungs of our beautiful
oceans, hold the key to sustaining
all life. Algae are a miraculous,
abundant resource from the sea
and their vital properties come from
algae's natural physical resilience and
nutrient-rich composition.
World-renowned scientists and researchers
have spent years unlocking the extraordinary
secrets of algae and its power to retain its moisture
for days on end. These secrets have now finally
been unlocked and form the basis of
EverDeep skincare.
  • Algae are extraordinary plants that do not appear to age or decay as quickly as other plants.
  • Algae are like the lungs of the ocean. They oxygenate the water to help keep everything alive.
  • The secret to the patented EverDeep products is the breakthrough anti-aging whole cell algae formulation containing the Algasome™ complex.

The Power of Algae's Nutrients and Resiliency - It's Inside Your EverDeep

Dr. Arthur Grossman Ph.D.

Expert on algae, Scientist at Carnegie Institution for Science and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University
For the past 40 years he has researched how different algae species collect nutrients from the environment and the various compounds that they contain. Algae are a naturally rich plant form with high levels of key compounds essential to life, making algae an excellent source for EverDeep skincare that restores your skin's natural radiance and eliminates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin.

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