Monday, December 22, 2014

Financially Wise Women with Brittney Castro and the "Budgetor" for a very merry new year!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
In order to make the new year- a very merry one-now is the time to start a financial plan for 2015 to be your best year ever!

Brittney Castro at Financially Wise Women has an easy to use program to help mentor you in the process of taking control of your spending,saving and party cash.  Learn her 50/20/30 rule for making ends meet, saving and having a little bit on the side to spend on enjoying life.

FYI here are the steps for the FWW Budget:

1.      Purchase it using this link--
2.      Once purchased we email them Budget template to download and start using.
3.      Then we email them a video tutorial that teaches how to use this budget template every week.
4.      Start using the budget every week in the weekly Money Dates---Easy Breezy!
 And here is my two cents about the whole shebang!

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