Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Z skin systems: the Christmas gift that keeps giving!

Hello Gorgeous!

Meet Z Skin Systems-my 30 day challenge for radiant skin!

For those of you who want clear skin, there is a Z Skin System for you too!

  I'm excited to be starting a nutrition skin supplement to help my skin be it's best and camera ready for 2015!
I started today using a supplement pack and the skin serum. Which I used after cleansing my face and it's a light gel serum that rapidly absorbed. Yey!

Here is a little bit more about Z Skin Systems from their website:

Z Skin Systems

Traditional topical products such as serums, masks and creams do not penetrate far enough into the skin to promote healthy skin inside and out. To age well, the body needs certain nutrients which the body stops producing over time. At Z SKIN SYSTEMS, we’ve developed a range of Methods that provide nutrition-focused skin care to help address the skin care needs of the entire body as opposed to just specific parts.
FROM THE INSIDE, Z SKIN SYSTEMS introduce scientifically-formulated nutrition-rich supplements that address skin nutrition at the root causes of skin aging.

FROM THE OUTSIDE, Z SKIN SYSTEMS introduce the topical Nutri-Serum, which promotes the health of the skin actively exposed to the environment.

TOGETHER – Implementing both the use of dietary supplements and topical Nutri-Serum, Z SKIN SYSTEMS helps create healthy skin. The benefits of internal skin nutrition are cumulative, so that over time, skin is nourished, healthy, and radiant – from the inside out.

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