Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet AlureVe and Jennifer Christensen

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
This summer I have been finding new skincare products to try that range in prices from drugstore to department store so I can have a fresh crop of recommendations come BTS and Fall (for those without kids, BTS is back to school)

I've come across AlureVe and so far so good. Meet Jennifer Christensen and the opportunity she has in health, wellness and great skin!

Are you looking to eliminate aging and wrinkles, or want the smoothest skin you’ve ever known? AlureVé skincare is for you and is something you’ve never experienced before.

Designed using delivery systems and formulation methods born in the pharmaceutical industry; then applied to over-the-counter skin care, AlureVé offers you unmatched skin care products and benefits never before available to the public.

Because our 3 products use time released nano-sized ingredients, 100% cold processing for potency, and natural, pure ingredients, we can prove AlureVé makes skin behave more like young skin—down to the cellular level—quick healing and DNA repair.

Thank you!

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