Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What was the Megan Trainor Untouchable Tour concert like?

Hi ya Gorgeous!

I am home again, home again jiggety jig! That was a whirlwind week to San Diego Comicon and then to Phoenix for the Meghan Trainor Untouchable Tour concert and now full circle to home.

 I'm all tuckered out!

I have some photos and a video recapping the event for you though I can pretty much sum it up in one work: AWESOME.

I'm a fan of Ms Trainor's positive encouraging message and tongue in cheek humor in her lyrics. She was an absolute delight to meet and showed kindness and care for her fans.

(Tampax And Always Radiant Collection had a wee "bedroom" set up with a selfie booth and samples)

Where's the photos from the meet'n'greet? Oh, that will be two weeks in the making. That is the only bummer, that I was not allowed to use my phone for a selfie or my camera for a photo. The Live Nation concert staff took a photo and it will be posted on their webpage for me to go find in two weeks.

(Backstage at Comerica en route to meet Meghan Trainor)

Obviously, Live Nation knows nothing about the immediacy of social media.

(During the concert, Meghan Trainor had the BEST wardrobe and several changes - so Vegas! So good!)

No worries, I have plenty of other photos to share. Enjoy the video!

Hailee Steinfeld opened up and was a fun, spunky, encouraging new artist...

 Now, most of the audience were young girls- would be nice if she did not drop the F bomb during her performance.

This young man, @JonRenner got to busk in the main hall of Comerica - pretty good gig!

Ok Gorgeous,back to the good stuff and getting your BTS (Back to School) stories up!

P.S. NOTE: Major sorries for getting the hashtag and tour name wrong in the video! 

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