Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Teabook for summer leisure and back to school!

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
 Recently, I was able to try this new kind of tea product from a startup called Teabook.

 They have high quality teas from traditional tea-growing regions that ship in these little pre-portioned sealed packets along with a beautiful double-walled glass filtering tumbler.

If you’re used to teabags, this is quite a wake-up call. The teas are additive-free; strong and crisp but never overpowering. It’s a fun mystery receiving these little tea packets each month. There’s 4 varieties: red (black), green, white, and oolong, as well as one premium mystery variety, which all change by what’s in season.

All in all, I would highly recommend as an alternative to that morning cup of joe for those who prefer a less acidic and greater variety of caffeine in the morning!
Get yours today at
p.s. This is so perfect for high school teenagers and college students who need to save money on a morning starbucks run! Healthier too!

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