Saturday, July 2, 2016

Where to find fresh encouraging content: Continuum Publication

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
This post is a break from our normal beauty talk and information to share with you a new resource I have come across to help you in the area of personal growth and encouragement.

It is no small matter to give yourself a pep talk by reading and watching positive content that helps you grow, think, dream big and create.

Meet Continuum Publication.

Tell Your Story 
Continuum is a first in the TV and mobile app era. We stream a demanded form of high quality, curated, user-generated content. It is the first fundamentally video-based social platform for users to share their stories and projects with the world.

The World Awaits
 Inspirational content from thought leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, streaming directly to the people who want to view it.

A New Generation Narrative
 Continuum members can reach a new level of exposure and further fuel their passion by connecting with each other. In the era of social media, why settle for a one-sided broadcast?

 A Catalyst for Change 
 There is a continuum that joins all of us together; from dreamers to doers, artists to inventors, business leaders to community advocates. It’s time to cut through the noise, and collaborate.
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