Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who did too much weekend warrior stuff and has some pains to prove it?

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
Quick note to let you know that if you have been busy this weekend, doing Spartan Races, mud runs, bowling, bicycling or beer pong tournaments and now you have some pains-say hello to Zim's Max Arnica.

The Zim's family of products are homeopathic medicine and can treat your sprains, strains, bruises and sore muscles quickly and effectively without harmful side effects.

Zim's Max Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On for temporary relief of minor aches, strains, bruises, and sprains.  A special blend of homeopathic ingredients.

There is a very light scent and it feels cool and tingly when rolled on, though there is nothing harsh or stinky about it!
Zim's is a perfect answer for aches and pains when you have over done the fun!
About $9.99 a roll on bottle and can be found at Walgreen's nationwide or online at the Zim's website!

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