Thursday, August 11, 2016

JC Penney Meet 'N Greet with YouTube star Alisha Marie for Girls Night Iin

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Makeup University attended the JC Penney Meet 'N Greet with Alisha Marie before the Girls Night In event  and it was awesome fun!

There are so many great Back to School looks available from clothes, to shoes, bags and beauty!

When you buy any of the Arizona Jean brand from JC Penney a $1 is given from the purchase to the Y. So pick some up for your BTS looks!

Thank you for watching and special thanks to JC Penney for having  Makeup University at the GNI meet n' greet with Alisha Marie.

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Dance Filler 1 by Andreas Jamsheree

Camera production by @thedvguy
Joseph D. Becker

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