Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Labor Day Weekend sunglasses style with GlassesShop.com

Hi ya Gorgeous!
I recently had the chance to test run and try out a pair of sunglasses from the online retailer, Glassesshop.com
Thank you very much for the sample and chance to review.

I live in Arizona and it's hot and sunny 363 days a year-the other 2 days it's partly cloudy. Or at least that is what it feels like in this 115 degree day!

Each Glassesshop.com pair of glasses comes in a sturdy case for protecting your glasses and a lens cleaning wipe. ( Which I have also used to clean my phone and now I'm concerned of what it may have picked up and now that funk is sitting on my glasses next to my eye...)

There is a wide selection and filling a prescription in your choice of frames is a simple process. The glasses will arrive in a secure and protective mailing tube.

I like the pair I chose, I just wish that they were bigger and more bug eye like my normal pairs to protect the delicate skin around the eye.

So you don't make the same boo boo that I did, when selecting your glasses, look for the mm size to be sure they are as large as you like.

 There are so many choices to choose from and if you shop today, you can get them in time for some chic Labor Day Weekend selfies in some big bug eye'd styling sunglasses!

Go see here: http://www.glassesshop.com/

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