Sunday, August 7, 2016

What you need for the Olympics in Rio this month: G.M. Collin sunscreen choices

 Hi ya Gorgeous,

The Olympics in Rio have started! I enjoy watching the athletes have their moment to shine, after all, they have trained for years for this week and their personal competition time. It takes a lot of drive and dedication, commitment and sacrifice to be an Olympic athlete.

 So while in Rio, you are going to need some sunscreen and G.M. Collins makes some of the best!

 This French skincare line has a full range of products to take you from a cleanser to a treatment and of course, a sunscreen.

 The G.M. Collin 50+ Dry Touch Sun Protection Cream:

Product Overview

3.5 oz. A face and body sun protection cream in a light weight formulation that protects against UVA and UVB rays. This water resistant cream allows for out door activities, providing broad spectrum protection from the sun. Reapply as needed every two to four hours, especially after swimming or perspiring and for extended activity out in the sun. Thoroughly cover the face and body in this non greasy cream that absorbs with a light and dry finish.

Or you can try the G.M. Collin 60 spf sun protection creme

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