Monday, August 1, 2016

Vrooom into Back to School with a $250 cash back

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Today is August 1st and many of the Arizona schools are already back in session. My son starts back today. University of Arizona goes back the week of August 22nd.

Basically, school is in session and if you are in need of some wheels to get you to class on time, to practice and a special lunch date, when would NOW be a good time time to check out VROOM?

The Future of Car Buying Is Now Arriving

What Is Vroom? (Besides the sound of a healthy car)
With Vroom, you can now buy or sell a car from the comfort of your couch. Finance the purchase on our site. Get your new car delivered to your front door—free of charge. Then spend your weekend somewhere other than a used car dealership. It is as easy as ordering a pizza. There is no haggling. The price you see is the price you pay. And free 7-day returns. Try your car out for a week (or 250 miles). If you aren’t totally satisfied, we'll pick up the car for free and refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Promo Code: VIPAUS19
$250 off for your followers, and $250 in a cash card sent to you!

Promo code process for you:
  1. Choose your car, go through the online process to choose payment type, submit a trade-in (if desired) and set up delivery.
  2. When you receive an email or phone call from your customer representative, mention you were referred and give him or her your promo code, VIPAUS19
  3. You will receive a $250 cash card 2-3 weeks after your car is delivered!

  4. Wider Selection: We sift through millions of cars from around the country so you don’t have to. When we find the best, we buy them.Then we have ASE-certified mechanics ensure that each car meets our sky-high quality standards.

  • Full Service Support: Vroom is more than just a buying and selling cars. We’ll help you trade, finance, and more. The only thing we don’t do? Haggle! Our value pricing comes in below market. And each car is 360 certified.

  • Free Delivery and Pickup: You stay on your couch while we deliver and pickup the car for free. Vroom also handles pesky paperwork typically done by the buyer and seller.  Top it off we have 7-day no regrets home drive. When you buy from Vroom you have 7 days or 250 miles to drive the car at home. If you don’t like it, we will take the car back and give you a full return.

See what others are saying about us!
  • “The used car market meets 2015: No showroom, no salesmen, free delivery” - Fast Company
  • “The website makes car-buying, haggle-free, with prices below market prices, so customers can rest easy knowing they aren’t getting ripped off.” - Business Insider
  • “Vroom wants to make buying and selling a car as easy as ordering an Uber.” - Fortune

Some impressive numbers:
  • Vroom is the #1 direct retailer for buying and selling cars
  • Customers save 8% on average when they buy from Vroom
  • Vroom has already bought or sold more than 170,000 vehicles
  • More than 80% of our cars are less than 3 years old

Thank you for choosing Vroom and remember to use the promo code VIPAUS19 for a $250 savings!

Twitter: @VroomCars
IG: @Vroomdotcom
Facebook: @VroomCarsOnline
Hashtag: #GetAVroom

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