Friday, December 26, 2008

Amazing Christma, New year eve hair makeovers and more
Trendy Short Haircut Photos

Will these celebrity styles inspire you to go short?

What's our favorite look of 2008? A cropped hair cut. Check out these celebrities' hair cuts and maybe you'll be tempted to chop it all off in 2009.

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There is lots of opportunity to be out shopping today, and now that Christmas has passed for 2008, you may be planning your New Year's Eve party.

First and formost: plan to hydrate hydrate hydrate!
Drink extra water and apply extra cream. If you are currently using a lotion, now may be the time to put lotion on in the day and cream on at night.

Second, remember that focusing on one area of beauty is better than a full face of heavy makeup for a party. Why? Because as fatigue, dehydration and stress take their toll on you and your skin, it will sag and wrinkle. Nice. can help keep that look at bay if you keep water in your system, your skin super hydrated with a firming lifting creme and relax a bit.

Enjoy today's daily beauty bit and send me your stories of holiday beauty that worked for you!
Bridal Makeup DIY Style: How To Take Control of Your Wedding Day Beauty for brides who would rather spend the money on cake!

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