Thursday, December 18, 2008

Makeovers and Makeups for you!

The Glam Hair and Makeup Makeover reader Penny gets overhauled for a 25-year high school reunion

Check out what celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Tina Turnbow did to revamp the look of member Penny � the results will blow your mind!

See makeover

Wow! Christmas is almost here! I am so so so so excited! In fact, I"m so excited that I'm going to do some more shopping and get some extra gifts just for fun to bless my friends and family. It's so exciting and such a privilege to share in the party with Jesus and his birthday.

Okay, in the meantime, while I shop, please visit the daily beauty bubble about "makeovers". I'm looking into starting up the makeovers in Arizona, because the program that you will see in the beauty bubble is for Los Angeles and New York.

So...send in your email with why YOU need a makeover and I'll get to work toot sweet on a beauty upgrade program in our area. :)

See you in the stores!
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