Monday, December 15, 2008

Hippie hairstyles and how to wear makeup with it to a holiday party
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Take a cue from these Hollywood A-listers and add some panache to your next 'do

Don't know what to do with that impulse-buy jeweled hair clip you snagged while holiday shopping? Check out these looks for some inspiration and amp up your holiday hair with practically zero effort.

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The hippie hairstyles are back; now how do you blend that with your winter Holiday makeup?
Well, it doesn't seem to make much sense, so just go with it. Use your Gumby anointing and just be flexible with all that is going on around you.

When wearing the hippie braids and hair folds just keep the lips simple and the eyes smokey. If it's for a holiday party that you are creating several braids and pinning them back into a messy Ivana updo; well then wear a strong lip stain covered in shimmer gloss and use individual lashes on the corners of your eyes for a flirtatious party look that also says you are polished!

Finally, if the eyes have it in your book and you plan to wear your hair straight with loose braids in the mix of your hair ( *I have a trick for sealing these loose braid ends) then use dark purple or green shadow to make a smudgy line around the outside corner of your eyes, and use a coppery gold shadow on the inside corner of the lids. Just rim the eyes with those two colors then cover the lid with a neutral and matte light brown. The effect will create a halo of color around your eyes and draw attention to your eyes.

Remember to fill in your brows, add a medium peach tone blush to your cheeks and keep the lips simple.
Finish this easy hippie holiday look with a signature fragrance, my new favorite is the Viva La Juicy. It's no Chanel, nor is it a J'Adore, but it's good in the meantime.

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