Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's finally here! Merry Christmas!!

Wow! It's here! I can hardly believe it, I've been waiting all year for this chance to

celebrate the birthday of Jesus! Woo hoo!
Of course, there is much to be done last minute to ensure a fun filled, as relaxing as

possible event, but oh the joy!

I'm so excited for church tonight! There are services,songs, firesides and a snow play area,

but most importantly, that chance to go and have corporate worship of Him.
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I love Christmas and making it merry! wee!

Now, I"ll be trying some of the "hippie" braids and updo for the party tonight, yet doing a

very subtle makeup.
Mainly because my tattoo on my right arm is still healing and I don't have full use of it


I just pray that you and your family, the close ones and the far ones have an awesome and

amazing Christmas tonight. Remember, all things are possible with God!
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