Thursday, December 4, 2008

At home botancial based beauty treatments
Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips

Take control over your skin care (and improve your cooking skills) with easy DIY recipes you can make at home

Looking for some creative (and cheap) ideas for holiday gifts? These beauty recipes make great personalized gifts for all your girlfriends, and they're a cinch to do.

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It's no secret that the ancient ladies of days gone by had to use something for their beauty routines. Some used berries, tar pitch and olive oil, others used sugar, rose water and animal tallow.
Today, you can use some of the foods you have on hand for a Christmas meal to cut the cost of traditional beauty treatments and have your grocery bill do double duty.
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In the meantime, there are a few spaces available for holiday party makeup. If you would like a class for your friends, or a one on one application for a special event, please email for details.
Bridal Makeup DIY Style: How To Take Control of Your Wedding Day Beauty for brides who would rather spend the money on cake!