Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deoderants are a thing for winter

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Tired of failing deodorant leaving our arms pinned at the end of the workday, we had three busy Pilates students put five buzz-generating brands -- natural and not -- to the test. View our countdown to see which product fared best.

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Tuesday...December 2nd and three short weeks til Christmas!
I'm still convinced that this is going to be the best Christmas ever and you can too. Yes, toys will be given and cookies baked, though most importantly, my house is focusing on making memories.
Oh, and since it's still in the mid 70's in Arizona, we are focusing on smelling the pine trees freshly cut and brought in for decoration and not the smell of sweat.

The daily beauty bubble is on deoderants today. Remember, the difference is that a deoderant works on fighting smell and an anti-persperant works on wetness and combinations do both. Aluminum is the culprit in anti-persperants that can cause lymph node problems and health challenges after extended periods of use. Meaning, most of your adult life.

So if you haven't tried a deoderant yet, winter time and it's milder temperatures are the time to do it. Once you get accustomed to the not so dry feeling, you may prefer it over aluminum filled anti-persperants.

Perhaps you can save those for public gatherings or really big events in your life.

Enjoy this amazing day and I look forward to seeing you tonight at the Fresh Start women's foundation holiday makeup class!
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