Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Woo hoo! I have found a goody for you! Just in time for Arizona Bridal week too!
I have sampled two of the Skindinavia line products under rigorous testing!
I tried the 10 Years Younger makeup finish spray and the No More Shine. Both products were called upon to hold up and perform under intense heat, lights, sweating, vigorous activity and toddler hands.
I'm happy to say t hat they both performed amazing! My makeup color pigments stayed true, after 12 hours, there was very little creasing or breaking up of my foundation.
As for shine, gone! I did retouch my makeup and add another spritz of the No More Shine spray to keep my skin looking matte, which is my preference.
So here's the good news: if you are going to be at the Arizona Bridal Week on September 27th, I will be doing a makeup demo and will have both sprays on hand for you to try.
If you would like a free V.I.B. pass, email me! I've got the free $75 sitting right here ready to give away to a cost savvy bride! Visit www.arizonabridalweek.com for more information and see you at the show on September 27th!
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