Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday style for you to pick from
Best and Worst Celebrity Fall Beauty Trends

From Scarlett Johansson to Megan Fox, see which celebs nailed the hottest hair and makeup trends and which ones, er, didn't

Best and Worst Celebrity Fall Beauty Trends

Just because something is a trend doesn't mean everyone should try it -- as these celebrity photos prove. See which A-listers mastered the latest looks and which ones should stick to their classic hair and makeup styles next time.

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I love Sundays! I lay in bed with my toddler and drink coffee from the edge of the cup while it's balanced on my clavicle. He jumps around and lays down, rolls over and chews what ever he has made for his own breakfast while watching cartoons. I love it! In our house, on Sunday: you can make your own breakfast...whatever that may be.

The beauty bubble is full of thoughts and ideas and here is mine: pick a look and stick to it. I love retro Pin Up style that is old Hollywood glamour. One time while praying and asking Holy Spirit what to do in a certain situation, it was His answer " pick a look and stick to it". So I did, and maybe you should to.

So when it comes to trend, you get one wee piece and work it around your "look" and that's about it. So now, I do a heavy wet line of charcoal grey instead of black, and I've used the charcoal grey in my brows too!

Enjoy the bubble, thank you for your love and support and get ready f or this week, because boy do I have some stuff in store for you!
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