Sunday, January 16, 2011

FAB detox eye roller rocks!
How to Apply False Eyelashes

Get the scoop on choosing and applying the right false lashes for you with this guide

How to Apply False Eyelashes

This is a makeup tutorial article

OK, so you've had some bad experiences applying falsies before with the glue getting everywhere or the lashes falling off -- but never again. All you need is this quick tutorial on applying falsies like a pro …

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Hello gorgeous!

Are you tired from staying up late enjoying all the post-holiday hubris? Perhaps you are studying for school tests? How about a new mom and up with the baby?

You can still look refreshed with a tube of FAB detox eye roller in your beauty routine!

It's sold on QVC-they are known for high quality products and amazing 100%customer satisfaction guarantee. So you can feel at ease buying and trying!

If you are getting ready for a Super Bowl party or planning a Valentine's day pamper month for yourself, try FAB!

Yes, I said pamper month! I love Valentines day because it's one more reason to celebrate and take care of myself to make me my most healthy for my family! So this Valentines day, love yourself!

Here's a link to get there!

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