Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goody QuikStyle: absorbent microfiberbristles : like shammy shaped brush
6 New Ways to Cut Long Hair

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6 New Ways to Cut Long Hair

This is a long hair article

The super long hair trend is over (Sorry Gisele). Stylists are now saying that the best long haircuts range from clavicle-length to mid-back. What's even better? You don't have to resort to "long layers" if you want a stylish new look. See the six new cuts that both stylists and celebrities are loving now.

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Oh gorgeous-would you look at this thing!

I feel so Ron Popeil when I use it! Ha!

Goody is really innovative in creating great hair products-and this is no different.

The brush I am testing is the half round shape but I couldn't find a photo of it so I put the paddle picture up.

It is light-so your arm won't get tired. It's weird-but give it a moment for learning curve. The idea is that it will cut down drying time on your hair.

I am not sure if my drying time was cut down because I spent quite some time fussing with the brush. For me, it works best when I flip my hair over my head and dry upside down. This gave me a lot of volume.  Interesting: I got a great blow dry: meaning smooth and full hair, but I did need to go back in with the dryer at a cooler temp and my normal round brush and shape my hair a bit more.

So overall: as for being a tool that combines safe drying, with function and style-I give this a thumbs up!

I am concerned that it comes with instructions on how to clean it and microbial something and "freshness".
These are new terms to me when it comes to my hair brush.

In short-try one-it's worth it. You can find the Goody QuikStyle at Walmarts and Targets for $11.99


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