Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celebrate International Women's Day with Sleepora

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I'm on the road, but, while I am away, enjoy this information from Sleepora in honor of International Women's Day!
As you probably know today is International Women’s Day.
It is obviously a very worthwhile global event and very much worth supporting.
Women are more likely to suffer from than insomnia than males (see link below for reasons why - plus how this can be overcome). Even though both Co-Creators of Sleepora are men, the bulk of our business is based on the sale of Sleepora to women. With this in mind we specifically designed and incorporated elements into Sleepora with women in mind (although obviously Sleepora can be and is used by men as well).
Some of the factors which contribute to women suffering more from insomnia than men are hormonal such as a woman’s menstrual cycle, pregnancy or the menopause ……..although obviously not all at the same time.

This link below illustrates how Sleepora specifically covers these areas to help women sleep better. There are some insights in here which you may find useful.

When you put it into context that at any one time 30%-50% of the worlds population have sleep problems and of those the majority are women this directly impacts women’s lives globally.

In support of IWD this weekend 8th and 9th March 2014 we will be having a 75% discount on Sleepora.
Please pass this message onto any women that you know who may have sleep issues .
Also have a look at the IWD site as there may be some events you may find of interest.

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