Monday, March 31, 2014

butter LONDON 999 rescue kit with base coat and top coat for gel manicure tired nails!

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh! What butter LONDON has done for you in their new base coat and top coat-and details about the new Titchy glitter polish is for tomorrow! The butter LONDON 999 Rescue set of base coat and top coat is the best $40.00 you will spend to pamper and care for your nails.

The new butter LONDON top coat and base coat is a 3 free healthy way to get your best manicure/pedicure ever!

 I apply a thin coat of the butter LONDON base coat,which is a light milky color and dries down semi matte on the nail.

 I put a thin coat of the new super sparkly and full glitter multi color polish called Titchy.

 Here is a wee photo of the beginning of the butter LONDON manicure with the base coat, top coat and Titchy glitter polish.

 But this as Ulta or at and get to treating your gel tired nails!

Have you OD'd on gels? Are your paper thin nails tired and brittle, but you're not ready to take a break from a beautifully manicured look? Nail 999 to the rescue! From the creators of Horse Power, comes a breakthrough alternative for your brittle, tired nails!

Nail 999, a base and top coat system is formulated to work together to improve the look of your nails after just one application! The revolutionary base coat brightens the nail bed filling in ridges and smoothing its surface, while delivering a potent mixture of vitamins and minerals. The high-shine, fast drying top coat is loaded with a unique mix of vitamins and peptides to seals in lacquer while allowing your nail to breath. Immediately your nails look better, and in just 3 weeks you'll experience healthier, stronger nails. There is no need to give up your manicured hands, just help them out with Nail 999.
  • The system is formulated to make your nails appear healthier immediately and promote their growth overtime while giving you a long wear, high shine manicure
  • Base coat is formulated with horsetail extract, vitamin B, biotin and glycerin known to promote nail growth and moisture retention
  • Top coat is formulated with horsetail extract, keratin, calcium, and peptides for ultimate shine, strength, and extended wear
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, or ethyl tosylamide
  • Can be used alone or with two coats of your favorite Butter London nail lacquer
  • Easily removed with Powder Room, Scrubbers or any lacquer remover
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