Sunday, March 23, 2014

DIY Dye:Bright and Funky Temporary Hiar Coloring You Do At Home: a book review!

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I just read and tried several recipes in this new book DIY Dye : Bright And Funky Temporary Hair Coloring You Do At Home. 

Author Loren Lankford, is a chameleon of talent and creativity and this book shines with simple step by step instructions to get some bold colors at home!

 The book is available on Amazon and retails for $16.95 and is worth it! Especially as a gift for those who like to change up their look more often than not.

I love how the book teaches on the basics of a color wheel, and uses everything from home grown to store bought dyes. It even covers how to use teas to color your hair!

Now, I could share much about the dye and dyeing techniques taught in the book, but you are best suited to get the book and follow the step by step instructions that are complete with photos to work by.

Now, on page 43 there is a recipe for homemade hairspray. It's the healthiest version of hairspray you can do for your hair and it works! I made a light batch and a superman strength hold version. I liked my light version best and the superman strength hold version could hold long hair upright!

For Easter, you better get this book to dye your hair and your eggs! There is also a glitter hair gel recipe!

This book is like a Dr Seuss book of hair color and style. I'm excited to take it with me to the next girls get together for some bold colors as we go out for tea.

Do you have a homemade hair color recipe?
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