Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny: book review

Holla Gorgeous!
I took this book Condon called Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny by Judy with me on spring break for something to read while my son was in his Robolink robot programming class.

Now let's meet Ms Judy...

Here is the beautiful, hard crackin', wise women named Judy Condon who wrote this book for those who are sick of dieting and are looking for a KISS (keep it simple stupid) to staying fit and healthy.

I really enjoyed her candid responses to her lifelong battle with weight. Plus she has a very humorous but practical take on exercise. As a person who loves triathlons, I find it interesting to see the other side of exercise. I love it, but my BFF doesn't. Ms Judy will tell you how to work it in daily without feeling like you have worked out in a gym.

I put some excerpts from her website below, and you get the book on her website or on Amazon for $17.95. Either way, with the rush push guilt of New Year's Eve resolutions behind you, try a new approach to being bikini body ready for summer!

This Ain't No Diet Book There is no other book like this on the shelves!! Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny includes a Program you can live with forever. The word 'diet' implies a beginning and an end - when you reach your target weight, you're done! WRONG! After you have completed the three stages of this Program, you will have developed lifelong eating habits while becoming a new person - inside and out.
There are chapters which include a tough-love approach! No more excuses and denials!  A journal at the back is an integral part of the Program and forces you to record your progress, plot your plan of action, address your weaknesses and strengths. The book includes recipes at each stage of the Program and 'helpful hints' scattered throughout.
Who am I? I am not a doctor. I am everyone who has fought a weight problem most of their life and has lost and gained the same pounds over and over. FINALLY, I've created a healthy way to eat that is 'pain-free' and long lasting!

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