Monday, March 3, 2014

Post 2014 Oscars party: EYES to Go Spa keeps you looking fresh and awake

Ok Beauties,
For those of us who stayed up late watching and those who went to the ceremony and after parties, chances are this morning you may not be as bright eyed and busy tailed as usual?

Enter, EYES to Go Spa...

I've used these on a trip that required a lot of travel, early mornings, late nights and jet lagged skin-from my personal experience they work and are worth it!

Red Carpet Rundown?
All the prep behind the Academy Awards can leave celebrities rundown before they even walk the Red Carpet.  Luckily, their stylists know a little secret... EYES by ToGoSpa.

EYES by ToGoSpa are under-eye collagen gel pad applications that help reduce dark circles, fine lines and puffiness and soothe and brighten eyes - an instant lift!  

They only take 15 minutes to see results – pop them on in the limo and be bright eyed for a grand entrance!
Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Jenny McCarthy, Mel B., Brooke Burke and many others are known EYES "poppers" to get red carpet ready. (On right, Mel B. and Heidi Klum getting ready with EYES.)
Whether strutting the red carpet or hosting your own Oscar Party,  EYES by ToGoSpa gives that little extra nudge to stay bright eyed.  (And they aren't bad for the morning-after either!)
EYES by ToGoSpa is sold in two packs for a total of six treatments retailing for $25.  Available for purchase at

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