Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014: Robolink robot class and Mai Couture

Hello Gorgeous,
My sweet Mancub and I are out on spring break vacation for him. Of all the things that he could do with this vacation time, he chose to go to a learning program. Can you say proud Momma?

We have been spending our days at Robolink in San Diego so he can learn how to program and build better robots. It has been nothing short of amazing!

If you want to get to a Robolink class for your kids or self, go here!

 Now, meet Mai Couture makeup sheets.

Ok, I'm supposed to be in a "contest' to create a look using these sheets, and wow-are they ever amazing. Are you using Mai Couture yet?

 What all the love is about: the foundation sheets and bronzer sheets are super light, small yet pack some serious coverage.  At about $24 per book of 50 sheets, I feel like it's a great deal for the ease of use and packing.

I am testing (and yes, will get a video/how to use/look up soon...) the Mai Couture Golden Glow Flawless To-Go Foundation Powder Papier.
 See the smudge on my hand? That's a wee press. I noticed that as I am pressing on the powder, the shine is come off too. One sheet is enough for a full face though to add fuller coverage, just use another sheet.

Are you seeing the beauty and ease of traveling with these yet? How easy and light it is to have this in your wee purse?

I am working on my laptop while my son is in his Robolink robot programming class.

Now this is the Mai Couture Downtown 2-1 Oil Blotting Bronzing Papier.

There is a smudge of it on my thumb area-it's golden glow but not a big streak of brown orange color. It's subtle, shimmery, natural looking. I love it. I know I 've already said that it was easy to use, but I must say it again. It really is easy to use. To buff and blend the color, just use the paper. This makes makeup easier to travel with than ever before because technically you do not need any brushes.

Finally, meet the Sake Sunrise lip gloss from Mai Couture.  There are several sheer shades available and it sells for $25.00. Mai Couture can be purchased online or at Neimans, Nordstroms and Dillards.

This lip gloss is a fine line filler, super hydrating and not sticky!

So the video is in the works, but as for now I just had to share the Mai Couture goodies I have received as part of a blog post promotion.

You have got to get these!
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