Thursday, March 31, 2016

Arbonne RE9 anti-aging serum: what dry, tired, dehydrated skin needs!

Hello Gorgeous,

Oh it's been a busy day. My apologies for not getting this up early! I am home from Atlanta and re-packing already for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway NHRA event.
Oh so excited.

So that's why this post comes late. I figure better late than never?

I just want to take a quick moment to introduce and maybe remind you of the power of Swiss Skincare. The Arbonne line of skincare is amazing. I received a sample of the RE9 serum in Atlanta and it was a skinsaver as I did not have my normal Murad with me and the weather was much drier than I expected!

Get a sample pack from your local Arbonne distributor! Don't have one? Find one at
Try this for a few days and you too will want a full size!

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