Friday, March 4, 2016

Help for dry itchy winter skin with Palmer's Skin Therapy Spray Oil

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Ok, so far, the Atlanta adventure has been amazing and I have had the chance to blog a bit more than I thought I would? But wait...the official launch is today and that just may finish off my efforts.
Alas, I will at least a get a weekly post up for you and maybe more!

Now, let's talk this... the Palmer's spray oil and it's awesomeness!

 It's under $10, easily accessible at most mass retailers and it's awesomeness in a can because if you dry itchy winter skin or need to spray a little something on to make freshly tanned spring break legs look a hint better than this here can is your Huckleberry!
 This is my dog Beatrix, she is learning to be a beauty blogger too. OMG. I miss that face!

Ok, here are the details on Palmer's Skin Therapy Spray Oil and just go ahead and some because you are going to need it, and once you use it and experience the light texture of the oil that quickly absorbs with the ease of application! Get some!

Available on Amazon here:

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil Spray with Vitamin E is a lightweight moisturizing treatment oil that's formulated to reduce the look of scarring, stretch marks and damaged skin. This oil spray is quick and convenient and leaves your skin radiant.

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