Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beauty Brands: Adventure Time look for day, spring break and beyond with the Beauty Library

Hi ya Gorgeous!

The month of March is full of so much activity and change and stuff going on! Woo hoo! I'm in Atlanta, and it's awesome.
Makeup University is a Beauty Brands ambassador for the month of March and today is the first "look" video that I have for you using the Beauty Brands Beauty Library.

 Get ready for the look video!

 I received a gift card from Beauty Brands to purchase products from the website to create some looks in makeup and hair. I purchased travel sizes to accommodate my time in Atlanta.

 The Beauty Library comes with a palette of shadows, that can be used for brows, liners and eye shadow looks. There is a light load of pigment in these shadows.

 These are the blushes in the Beauty Library and they lean towards pinky tones and also have a light load of pigment.

 Out of all of the palettes the contour is my favorite. It has a beautiful set of matte mid tone browns for contour and a small set of slightly shimmery highlighters.

Overall, I think this set of palettes is perfect for the beginner in makeup or the beauty user who does not like a lot of pigment and prefers a light look.

Now enjoy the video!

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