Friday, March 11, 2016

Pura D'Or Argan Oil skin and hair care: just what winter skin needs to heal and moisturize

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Oy the fun and uniqueness of Atlanta continues! I'm glad to have a free moment or two to do some blogging and this lil gem of a product came at just the right time!

 Meet Pura D'Or. An Argan Oil based line of natural products made here in the United States.

See the challenge all started when I was researching the weather in Atlanta and knew that it would be cold and humid.

No. No. No. It's none of that. In fact, it's very warm and very dry. I packed all "oily skin" based skincare and it's not right for this area.

Enter the opportunity to sample and review Pura D'Or skin and hair care!

 I'm glad for the sample and chance to review the product because it arrived at the perfect time in the perfect location!

I received samples of the hair care in an every day formula, though I wish I would have received samples of the hair loss shampoo and conditioner since I am dealing with that every day due to Hashimoto's disease and my low thyroid symptoms.

The shampoo and conditioner I did receive are great at lather, rinseability and softness but the Argan Oil in them is too heavy for my hair and makes it look greasy.
There are no parabens, safe for colored hair and natural ingredients.

I am so in love with the skincare. I first apply the Vitamin C serum and then the Argan oil creme with a few drops of the Argan oil.

It's so nourishing and moisturizing to my Atlanta dried out skin! I did do an overnight scalp treatment with the Argan oil and it felt good.

I'm a fan and love that these products are natural and made locally in El Segundo California in the United States of America.

Get some and try some for yourself at

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