Monday, November 28, 2016

CYBER MONDAY is here! Who's shopping where?

Hi ya Gorgeous,
It is Cyber Monday and if you don't what that is, it's time you learn. Way back in the day where most homes had dial up internet but business had cable internet, meaning, faster internet, people would go to work on Monday and do a lot of Christmas shopping.

Now, no one has dial up and almost everyone has a high speed connection, with some of you lucky folks having the google fiber.

So today is usually a day for deep discounts when shopping online.  Unless you are Walmart who rolled out their Cyber Monday sales and deals on Black Friday.

I adopted the REI mantra of "get outside" on Thanksgiving. We had a beach picnic turkey frying extravaganza and it was delish.
But I digress.

Back to Cyber Monday - be sure you look and find this set from Premium Blend by Munsingwear. It's the most classic scent and new old school guys can wear this with confidence and when you give it to them ladies, it will instill confidence.

This set is everything a man needs to fill his dopp kit to go to the gym or on the road or just have on hand at home.

This kit is available at Macy's or the Original Blend website! Get it before it's gone! Just $70 for everything!

  • Original Penguin's new fragrance ORIGINAL BLEND is a refreshing clean marine scent immersed in a striking crafty bottle design of substantial stature and striking color.Evoking a sense of style and temptation ORIGINAL BLEND opens with a burst of Italian bergamot kaffir lime and crisp apple.
  • The scent infuses into a blend of crushed lavender shaved nutmeg and brushed suede and is then finely wrapped with a dry down of sandalwood musk and warm amber.
  • This fresh aquatic fougere is the perfect blend of heritage wit and masculinity certain to stimulate the senses and stop by-passers in their tracks.

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